Single and multiple implants in Melbourne

What happens when you lose a tooth?


At FirstBite Dental we love dental implants because they offer us the flexibility to build you a long-lasting, strong, functional smile.

We have clients who come to us needing a single tooth or multiple teeth replaced. The great news is our specialised staff and our latest in-house technologies such as our CEREC machine allow us to replace a tooth or rebuild an entire dental arch effectively and efficiently.

The number of implants you may require depends on how many teeth you are missing and the health and quality of your jawbone. Rest assured, you are in professional hands. We will assess your individual case and advise you of the best course of action. The other great thing is, implants allow your new teeth to look and feel so natural that nobody will ever know you were ever missing a tooth.

Benefits of single dental implants

If you are missing a tooth it is a great idea to get it replaced before your jawbone begins to lose density and perhaps leads to the loss of surrounding teeth. By inserting an implant we can secure a tooth prosthesis or crown in its place that is colour and shape matched to look almost identical to the rest of your teeth.

For more information on the process and procedure for a Single Dental Implant – see our Dental Implants page.

Benefits of multiple dental implants

If you are missing more than one tooth or even all of your teeth, you may still be suitable for dental implants. This may provide a base for implant-supported bridges or a full implant denture.

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