Our gallery of orthodontic smiles

Orthodontics will straighten your teeth. Whether you choose metal or clear braces, or invisible retainers, we can help you to have the smile you dream of. The biggest satisfaction for us comes from the change that this can have on a person’s life. The confidence that comes from being able to smile broadly has had a significant impact on many of our patients. Orthodontic treatment can give you much more than a straight smile.

*Please Note: These before and after pictures are an example of what can be achieved. Please speak to an appropriately qualified dental health practitioner, even if it is for a second opinion, for options and what results you can expect to achieve. Your own results and the length of treatment will vary depending on your existing dental condition and other factors which can change the complexity of any procedure.

Canine Exposure Surgery with Orthodontics

Duration of Treatment: A 3 year orthodontic case, with surgery to expose an impacted canine after we took a 3D scan to find the missing tooth

Extraction Orthodontics with a Displaced Canine

Duration of Treatment: 30 months of full metal braces, as she had retained baby teeth and an Impacted canine in her palate

Invisalign Treatment

Duration of Treatment: 12 months of Invisalign full case

A Smile Lift Orthodontic Treatment

Duration of Treatment: Orthodontics with pin surgery to lift the smile up and correct her deep bite in 24 months

Invisalign Treatment

Duration of Treatment: Invisalign treatment over 12 months


Duration of Treatment: 24 months with 4 premolar extractions