QIP Accreditation

in Essendon

QIP Private Dental Practice Accreditation in Essendon

As a dental practice which continually improves what we do, we’re really proud of our QIP accreditation. We’re always working hard to improve patient experience and the quality of our dental care.

Let’s unpack what our QIP accreditation means, and why we’re so pleased about it.

What is QIP?

Quality Innovation Performance Ltd (QIP) is a health promotion organisation that partners with medical & allied health providers to achieve health care accreditation against a range of Australian health standards.

QIP Accreditation for Dentists

QIP’s Private Dental Practice Accreditation Program aims to develop and sustain an environment of continuous quality improvement within health provider businesses. We have achieved QIP Accreditation because our Essendon dental practice has:

  • implemented best practice systems and processes
  • undertaken evidence-based reductions to clinical and business risk
  • provided ongoing staff education concerning the importance of quality-based service provision
  • built an operating environment focusing on quality, and centred on patient safety.

Benefits of QIP Accreditation for our patients

As a patient at our Essendon dental surgery, you already know you are receiving high-quality dental care. With our QIP Accreditation, you are now confident that all our staff have education in dental systems implementation and dental process improvement. Moreover, our team is actively engaged in these implementations and improvements, and their ongoing development.

You will have peace of mind knowing that you can expect a reduction in clinical and general risks.

What does QIP Accreditation mean for us?

As our patients, you will see our ongoing commitment to improving the policies and procedures which govern our dental practice. Our commitment assures patients, staff, carers and other people associated with our practice that National Quality Standards have been met.

The commitment further ensures the practice continually monitors, evaluates and improves all aspects of operations.

We are proud to belong to a nationwide group of accredited dental practices which meet QIP quality standards of patient care for every patient.

What are the Standards our QIP Accreditation covers?

In 2011, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care adopted the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS Standards).

When a dental practice attains these Standards, it means that we have been proven to provide patient care of the highest calibre.

Our QIP Accreditation covers the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards for Dental Practices and Services. These six Standards, as applied to a private dental practice, provide statements about the level of care consumers can expect.

FAQs About QIP Accreditation

How will root canal treatment affect the appearance of my tooth?

As patients, you can expect a dental team committed to quality, both in how they practice dentistry and continually improve their operations.

You can also expect a practice that treats risk importantly and aims to minimise risk in all areas of operations.

Why choose us over a non-accredited dentist?

Because we have QIP Private Dental Practice Accreditation to the six NSQHS Standards, you know that we place our patients’ health and safety first.

The Standards guide us to maintain this accreditation and continually improve our practice, while minimising clinical risks and complying with relevant regulations.

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