Teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist

There is no-one who cares more about your oral health than your dental hygienist.

Our aim is to provide oral health education to our patients and the community. We specialise in keeping gums healthy and assisting with regular cleaning and maintenance of your mouth.

Our dental hygienists continue their dental education year round, which keeps them on track with the latest technology and dental information within their field.


Educating children and providing decay preventative techniques, such as fissure sealants, is an invaluable asset to our patients, parents and the community.

Routine procedures

Regular 6-monthly cleaning, taking x-rays, completing gum and bone measurement, oral cancer exams and taking impressions and photos are just a few of the routine procedures which are undertaken by us.

Gum cleaning

We are able to diagnose gum and periodontal disease and develop a treatment plan to help patients with these conditions. Dental hygienists also specialise in deep gum scaling and cleaning for patients with periodontal disease or infected gum issues.