Porcelain veneers for the perfect smile

Porcelain veneers are used to whiten the colour of a tooth or change its shape. You can do one tooth or a segment of teeth to completely change the appearance of your smile.

To prepare a tooth for a porcelain veneer, a small amount of tooth is removed from its front surface by the dentist. A dental technician can then construct a thin layer of porcelain that is cemented to the tooth. This layer can be made whiter, larger or smaller than the original tooth to change its appearance.

A porcelain veneer will last for approximately 8 years, depending on the situation.


The photos to the right illustrate a patient’s smile before and after treatment with porcelain veneers.

The before picture shows that the two big front teeth were fine, but the lateral incisor teeth and canine teeth were in slightly the wrong position and their size and shape were not quite right.


The after picture shows a beautiful white smile. This patient had 3 months of orthodontic treatment on his upper front 6 teeth to get them into a better position, followed by porcelain veneers on his canine teeth and lateral incisors (the central incisors were untouched).


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