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Our Essendon dentists provide comprehensive dental services in cosmetic dentistry, implants, family oral care & orthodontics, including Invisalign. Some patient reviews say we’re the best dentist in Melbourne – come see for yourself!

Key Dental Services


No matter what age, if you’ve decided to have orthodontic treatment, you’ll know what an important step you’re taking towards improving the look of your teeth.


Invisalign clear braces give you the freedom to straighten your teeth without traditional braces and remove them for sports and special occasions.


Replacing lost teeth with a dental implant is not just a cosmetic benefit. You can replace the gaps in your smile but the real benefit comes from the supporting tooth structure that a dental implant can provide.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

We use the super fast and powerful Philips Zoom In-Chair Whitening system. Combined with the Zoom Whitespeed UV Laser, will have your smile looking great again in no time.


Impacted wisdom teeth pain symptoms include jaw pain, swelling, jaw stiffness and tenderness. Wisdom teeth removal is the answer for permanent pain relief. Don’t delay in getting a professional opinion.


If you’re looking to repair cracked, chipped and discoloured teeth, you can do one tooth or a segment of teeth to completely change your smile’s appearance.

The family dentists Essendon trust

You’ve just found one of the most comprehensive dental clinics in Essendon. As an accredited dental practice with QIP (Quality Innovation Performance Limited), we offer a complete family dentistry solution for families all across Melbourne. Our QIP accreditation means our team of skilled dental professionals work hard to continually improve their practice for the best dental patient experience, so you can get that perfect smile.

Our modern Essendon dental surgery covers general dental to cosmetic dentistry services. We also offer full orthodontic services, from traditional braces through to invisible braces, such as Invisalign clear braces and ClearCorrect. Come and visit our dentists in Essendon to see how we make dental appointments enjoyable, backed up by our consistent patient dentist reviews.

TMD & Sleep Apnoea

TMD (TMJ Disorder)

Do you suffer from sore jaws, headaches, or a sore neck? It could be related to the functioning of your jaw joint and we can help. Treatments for TMJ Disorder (TMD) could alleviate your pain.

Sleep Apnoea

Is snoring interfering with your life? If so, you may be suffering from sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea can be treated through simple lifestyle changes, however specific treatments can be arranged by your dentist.

Facial Pain

If you are someone who suffers from migraines, facial pain and headaches, you may benefit from a dental examination to see if you suffer from teeth grinding, such as TMD.

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