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At FirstBite Dental we aim to provide the highest quality dental treatment in Melbourne with the most up-to-date technologies and materials. We want our patients to experience complete dental health in a professional and comfortable environment.

FirstBite Dental has been established in Essendon North for over 25 years. In that time, we have become the preferred dentist for over 5,000 families in the local area.

Children’s dental care

If you are a parent, we encourage you to bring your children while they are young so they not only feel comfortable coming to the dentist, but they begin to understand the importance of good health and how this contributes to healthy, clean teeth and gums. We aim to make your child’s first visit a positive one. With proper care and attention we will help your child mature with a healthy, happy smile. At FirstBite Dental, we are committed to helping children establish good dental habits. We are involved in dental education in many schools in the Essendon area as well as the whole of the Melbourne’s north-western suburbs.

Preventative care

As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure, and this is especially true when it comes to your teeth. We aim to provide our patients with all the correct information on how to best care for their teeth, gums and overall dental health. Education for our patients is important, as this is the foundation for optimal dental health. Correct flossing, brushing and a good understanding of oral hygiene is the best way to avoid painful and costly dental problems. Our most successful patients are the ones we see every 6 months for a check-up where we can identify any issues before they become larger problems.

Oral cancer screening

At FirstBIte our preventative care includes oral cancer screening using our state-of-the-art VELscope© system. A screening is recommended once a year, and will be offered to you during your general check-up.

Holistic dental care

We provide holistic dentistry at our Essendon practice. Our philosophy ensures that, at every visit, we review and assess not only your dental and oral health, but your overall health and wellness too. With decades of experience, our dentists know that poor or poorly-managed dental health can affect other areas of your body. In addition to providing customised mouthguards, we also manage dental conditions related to diabetes, and screen your mouth and oral cavity for early signs of cancer.

Sports dentistry and mouthguards

The awareness of proper safety guards for children and adults playing sport in Australia has grown in the last decade, and many sports now require the use of a mouthguard for every game. While many parents are aware of the importance of mouthguard, they may not understand the difference between a custom-fitted guard provided by your dentist, and the one-size variety that are commonly available in pharmacies and other stores. At FirstBite, we can provide a properly-fitted mouthguard that will fit comfortably (so your child will be happy to wear it) and provide superior protection.

Common conditions

There are many common conditions that can affect your dental health, such as bad breath, dry mouth or tooth decay. While many of these are merely a nuisance, some may indicate a more serious problem. It is important to have your dentist check out any issue that is bothering you, no matter how small, just to be sure. Problems like cracked teeth or erosion can worsen significantly over time, so it is always best to address them at the earliest stage.

FAQs About Dental Health

Will a tongue piercing affect my mouth?

The tongue is an extraordinary muscle that has many functions. The mouth is the first place from which a baby explores life. With thousands of taste buds on the upper surface, the tongue is a muscle of pure sensation and pleasure.

The tongue serves us in many ways. Consider its role in the following activities:

Temperature sensitivity
Putting a thermometer under it
Licking your lips
Masticating the bolus

As well as being a taste/temperature detective, the tongue has one of the larger nerve supplies compared with other organs in the human body and it is full of blood vessels that supply it with nutrients.

People pierce their tongues for various reasons; because it’s trendy, peer group pressure, friends are doing it, rebelling against parents, increasing sexual pleasure, something to toy with etc. But here are the reality checks on the complications that can be triggered by piercing the muscle that is a brilliant engineering feat of nature:

Nerve damage
Rupturing of blood vessels
Gum disease – the ring and hole in the tongue becomes a pit of bacteria. The spread of this bacteria extends not only throughout the mouth but also down the throat.
Halitosis (bad yucky breath)
Fractured teeth
Soft tissue damage such as the roof and floor of the mouth and cheeks.
Ripping of tongue if the ring or stud gets caught on something or locks ‘horns’ with your partner’s ring!
Reported case of a brain abscess through infected tongue.

As we age, the numbers of taste buds on our tongue decreases. Why deliberately speed up this process by inflicting injury on our tongues?

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