Angelalign Kid

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Angelalign Kid – Kids orthodontic treatment in Melbourne

At FirstBite Dental, we are pleased to offer the Angelalign Kid (angelalignKiD) orthodontic treatment solution for your child’s teeth. For kids aged between 7 and 12, an Angelalign Kid clear aligner aims to improve and correct muscular development problems by accurately aligning their teeth. Expertly manufactured, Angelalign Kid clear aligners work with your child’s individual dental and jaw features.

Why should I choose Angelalign Kid for my child?

If you’re concerned about any of these situations (spacing, reducing surgery, crowding, overjet, overbite, cross-bite, open bite) then Angelalign Kid might be a smart choice for your child’s teeth and dental development.

Angelalign Kid results

When one of our skilled and caring dentists at our Essendon clinic fit your child with an Angelalign Kid clear aligner, you can be sure of:

Healthy development

The Angelalign Kid clear aligner coordinates the growth of your child’s teeth, jaw and muscle.

Individual fitting

The Angelalign Kid orthodontic alignment solution is 100% tailored and customised to your child – no two patients will have the same set of Angelalign Kids aligners.

Improved aesthetics

The Angelalign Kid clear aligners are just that – clear, colourless and transparent. When your child is wearing their aligner, other people will find it hard to see them.

Improved timing

When your child gets kids orthodontic treatment earlier, you are potentially saving them up to six months in treatment time if they need braces as teenagers.

Speak to our friendly team at reception, or one of our trusted and skilled dentists, to see if the Angelalign Kid solution may be right for your child.

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