Zoom In-Chair Teeth Whitening in Essendon

Some people desire a brightening result when it comes to their smile, in which case you can do an in-chair whitening treatment. It takes less than an hour of your time in our dentist’s chair to lighten your teeth up to 8 shades whiter.

At our dental clinic in Essendon, we use high strength whitening gels, and the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed LED accelerator to achieve optimal whitening while protecting your teeth enamel. Patients come to us from all over Melbourne because of our quality of service and dedication to client health while keeping our prices reasonable.

What is Zoom Whitening? 

If you’re looking to improve the brightness of your smile the Zoom Whitening software by Phillips is one of your best in chair options for visibly whiter teeth.

Zoom Whitening is one of the most advanced teeth whitening systems available in Australia, guaranteeing the best result possible in as little as 45 minutes. Our zoom treatment targets stains left on the surface of the teeth from cigarettes, wine, coffee and tea. This treatment can help you reach a smile that’s up to 8 shades whiter.

For the best long term results, we recommend you follow up your visit with an at-home teeth whitening routine. 

Philips Zoom In-Chair Whitening in Essendon Melbourne using the WhiteSpeed UV Laser Accelerator

Zoom In-chair Teeth Whitening Procedure

Zoom Teeth Whitening Consultation

Before any teeth whitening procedures, we begin with a check-up to examine your dental health and general oral hygiene. The check-up allows us to analyse your suitability for in-chair whitening and prescribe you a treatment plan that will give you the best possible results. It is imperative to consult a dental professional before beginning the whitening process, as each individual is different and the treatment process can differ. We will always place your dental health first, so you can rest easy knowing your oral health won’t be at risk during this process.

Preparation for Zoom Teeth Whitening

We begin the whitening process by analysing your current tooth colour and matching it to the corresponding shade on the Zoom colour scale. We then assess how white you ideally would like your teeth to be and create a treatment plan to meet these goals. Your mouth is cleaned and prepared for the application of the Zoom whitening gel.

The Whitening Process with Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

The process begins with a layer of Zoom’s advanced hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel being applied to the teeth. The hydrogen gel works to break down the molecular bonds of the stain to lift it from the tooth surface.

To speed up the process, the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed Whitening LED light accelerator is then shone on to the gel to speed up the whitening process. This lamp has variable settings that allow us to control the light emitted and ensure you have a comfortable experience.

Processing time with Philips LED accelerator

Due to the use of UV, the processing time is only 45 minutes long. We complete this treatment over four rounds of 15-minute therapies.

Once you’ve reached your desired shade, we apply a post-treatment gel to protect enamel and reduce sensitivity.

Post-in-chair treatment you will receive an at-home kit equipped with a sensitive toothpaste made primarily to support brightness and tooth health. This is designed to help with sensitivity, potential irritation and extending the overall longevity of your white smile. 

How to know if in-chair teeth whitening is for you

If you’re experiencing discolouration and stains on your teeth, in-chair whitening is a fast and effective way to brighten your smile and restore your confidence. Whitening treatments promote a youthful, healthy appearance and are great for individuals who are seeking improvement in their self-image.

Tooth discolouration is most commonly linked to food and drinks. Individuals who consume large amounts of coffee, tea, alcohol, spicy foods, certain medications and cigarettes are much more prone to colouration issues and would find the most benefit out of this treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoom In-Chair Teeth Whitening

Does teeth whitening cause any dental problems?

This process is entirely painless and extraordinarily safe while still offering an immensely effective result.

Side effects are minimal to none. However, in some cases, some individuals may experience some increased tooth sensitivity. This side effect is only temporary and usually subsides within a few hours. In rare instances, this sensitivity may last for a couple of days. This discomfort is not a cause for any concern as it will subside eventually.

It’s important to note that we will address these heightened sensitivities in the clinic with various products designed to reduce any issues. This support effectively makes in-clinic whitening much safer than at-home kits purchased through online or retail outlets.

How well does teeth whitening by a dentist work?

There is an increasing amount of individuals taking non-professional avenues in hopes to achieve a brighter smile at an immensely low cost. A lot of individuals are unsure as to whether seeking out whitening from a professional dentist is worth the effort and the price. However, it would be best if you always prioritised the health of your teeth. Seeing a qualified professional in oral health is a much safer way of approaching treatment.

In Australia, dental clinic whitening is far more effective due to the higher levels of hydrogen peroxide permitted in the whitening gel used by professionals. Due to the protective laws created to protect consumers, only dental professions who have gained the necessary years of qualifications and training are allowed to handle these levels of hydrogen peroxide. Thee laws make in-office whitening significantly faster and much more effective.

Having an experienced team member conducting this treatment ensures you’re getting great results that don’t sacrifice tooth strength and health.

Why can only dentists use high strength whitening gels in Australia?

There is a multitude of laws put into place in Australia to protect citizens from potentially harming themselves with harsh chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide is the main bleaching ingredient in teeth whitening products. However, only dental professionals are permitted to use it in high dosages. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) issued a policy to forbid non-professionals from using these high levels of bleaching agents.

We only have dentists who are highly trained and qualified, giving them the ability to use high levels of hydrogen peroxide on you without causing any damage. Our high level of skill and experience will ensure painless, effective and longterm results in just one visit.

How much should a teeth whitening procedure cost?

In-chair and take-home whitening systems differ in cost depending on the individual and their unique dental needs.

Upon your consultation, we will be able to assess the likely overall cost of your treatment and give you an on the spot quote.

Because your dental health is our priority, we often require an oral hygiene appointment before undertaking whitening treatment. Any dental services required before undergoing whitening procedures will be at an extra cost. To secure your brighter and whiter smile, a $200 deposit is required at time of booking.

Cosmetic treatments may not be claimable through your health insurance. Please speak to your health fund to confirm.