Orthodontic treatment options in Melbourne

If you’ve decided to have orthodontic treatment, you’ll know what an important step you’re taking towards improving the look of your teeth. And if you’re already wearing braces, no doubt you’re looking forward to the day they come off and you can reveal your beautiful straight teeth! But the benefits of orthodontic treatment go way beyond looks.

Our Melbourne orthodontic treatment options include:

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialised field of dentistry that corrects jaw function and improperly aligned teeth. It is used to correct issues such as:

  • Crowding and spacing of teeth
  • Overbites, underbites and crossbites
  • Misplaced midline.

Why do I need orthodontic treatment?

People of all ages choose to undergo orthodontic treatment primarily for cosmetic reasons, but what the dentist is looking at is the proper alignment of your teeth and jawline.

Crooked or crowded teeth may cause uneven wear of tooth surfaces or jaw problems that can lead to complications later in life. An incorrectly aligned bite and jaw can also lead to TMJ disorder, often resulting in headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

Metal braces can also be difficult to clean properly, which makes your oral cavity prone to tooth decay and gum disease. When your teeth are in the correct position, brushing and flossing are made much easier.

So, while you’re wearing braces, remember that how well you care for your teeth and gums affects the success of your orthodontic treatment. Good oral care at home involves effectively removing plaque from your teeth, gums and braces every day. Not only will a solid home oral care routine keep your treatment time on course, but it will also contribute to the continued health of your teeth and gums.

Orthodontic alternatives to braces

There are alternatives to what type of braces can be placed onto your teeth.

  • The traditional metal brackets are still commonly used as they are the most effective in moving teeth.
  • For those people who want their orthodontics less obvious, then clear brackets is a great alternative, for a fractional extra cost.
  • Invisalign Clear Aligners or ClearCorrect are also options that can help straighten your teeth without being as obvious as traditional metal braces. Instead, a series of clear aligners move your teeth into the desired position, resulting in straight teeth without metal braces.

For more information on the types of braces, visit our Braces page.

When can a child begin orthodontics?

It is most common to start investigating orthodontic treatment when children are 7–12 years of age. We have children of all ages visit our Hygiene Department for regular check ups. Our experienced hygienists screen children from a young age to monitor the development of their permanent teeth. Early preventative treatment can in some cases reduce or eliminate the need for braces or other orthodontic treatment later in life. Visit our Kids Orthodontics page for more information.

What are gummy smiles and peg laterals?

Not all orthodontic treatment includes braces treatment. We also treat orthodontic issues such as:

  • Gummy smile – a condition where excessive amounts of gum tissue covers teeth.
  • Peg laterals – a condition where teeth either side of the front teeth do not develop properly.

Straight teeth without surgery

Sometimes surgery, including teeth removal, is coupled with braces treatment to assist in achieving optimal oral health and orthodontic outcomes. However, we have successfully treated many patients without the use of surgery who have come to us for a second opinion after being told orthognathic surgery was compulsory in order to correct their orthodontic problems. Surgery is sometimes an option, but not always necessary. In many cases, we are able to provide a non-surgical solution.

The following images show the before-and-afters of a patient who was previously told that surgery was the only option to correct their orthodontic problems. Their FirstBite orthodontic treatment proceeded without orthognathic surgery.

Surgery Free Orthodontics before IMG_2949 Cropped Upres    Surgery Free Orthodontics after IMG_2949 Cropped Upres

Metal Braces or Clear Braces?

This is a process that will need to be reviewed and discussed with your FirstBite Dental dentist. To give you a visual insight into the experience, view examples of orthodontics in the Orthodontic Case Studies