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Dental braces options in Melbourne

You know that you or your child need braces and there are many options available. Your FirstBite dentist will explore these options with you and provide a recommendation for the best course of action. Our range of braces at our Essendon dental clinic includes traditional metal braces, Invisalign and ClearCorrect (clear braces). We can create a tailored payment plan to accommodate any concerns about the cost of braces.

Dental Braces Types

Traditional Metal Braces

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The most common fixed metal braces consist of bands, wires and/or brackets. Bands are fixed around the teeth or tooth and used as anchors for the appliance, while brackets are most often bonded to the front of the tooth. Arch wires are passed through the brackets and attached to the bands. Tightening the arch wire puts tension on the teeth, gradually moving them to their proper position. Braces are usually adjusted monthly to bring about the desired results, which may be achieved within a few months to a few years. Today’s braces are smaller, lighter and show far less metal than in the past. They come in bright colours for kids as well as clear styles preferred by many adults.



Invisalign is a system of removable invisible aligners which are changed every couple of weeks to gradually move your teeth into position. They are a highly popular and effective method to correct your smile if they are suitable for your needs.

Visit our Invisalign page for more information.



ClearCorrect is another invisible aligner option requiring the replacement of moulded aligners regularly to gradually bring your teeth into alignment.

Visit our ClearCorrect page for more information.

How do I know if I need braces for my teeth?

Not surprisingly, the patients who walk through the door and say they need braces are doing so because they want a straight smile. And if that is what will make them feel happier with themselves then that’s a great choice.

From the other side of the view, your dentist is looking at your teeth and jawline and assessing if they are aligned and  whether not fixing them could present more issues as you age. It’s our responsibility to let you know that treatment will benefit your in the long term.

How often do I need to visit the dentist during orthodontic treatment?

During orthodontic treatment, visits are scheduled depending what treatment you are receiving.  If you have fixed metal braces you will visit every 6–8 weeks, however if you have ClearCorrect or Invisalign you will be required to visit every 2–4 weeks. It is also important to maintain your 6 monthly dental hygiene visits.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

Orthodontic treatment at our dental clinic in Essendon can take anywhere from a few months up to 2–3 years for more complex cases. At your initial consultation, we will be able to give you an estimate timeframe of the treatment time.

What is a retainer?

Retainers are worn once orthodontic treatment is completed. The gums and bone need time to adapt to the way the teeth are aligned. Retainers can be a combination of removable or fixed, and depends on each person’s individual dental requirements.

How much do braces cost?

At your initial consultation, we will discuss the range of options that are available and the costs associated with it.

Are braces payment plans available at FirstBite Dental?

Yes of course. We require an initial deposit is required, with the balance of the price paid monthly over the course of the treatment. See our dental payment plans.

FAQs About Braces

How do I clean my retainer?

Rinse retainers under cold water (not hot). You can also soak them in a solution of equal-parts white vinegar and water for a couple of hours. The vinegar eats the film away inside the retainers.

How long do I need to wear retainers for?

The upper retainer must be worn full-time for 6 months. The lower retainer must be worn at night-time only for 12 months.

After 6 months full-time wear, the upper retainer is worn for another 6 months at night time only, with the lower retainer.

The retainers are then worn 2–3 times a week to ensure teeth stay straight.

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