Pola At-Home Teeth Whitening

If in-chair whitening doesn’t appeal to you then perhaps an at-home whitening system might be an excellent alternative for you. Pola at-home whitening kits are safe and convenient treatments to lift your smile shade. The Pola Day kit allows our patients to experience professional whitening at their convenience with a more affordable cost and little to no sensitivity.

Patients undergoing in-chair whitening may also decide to utilise an at-home whitening kit to expand the longevity of their whitening results too. 

You don’t need to have made a teeth whitening appointment at our Essendon practice to purchase a take-home teeth whitening kit. Indeed anyone in Melbourne who has professionally made whitening trays can stop in and buy kits from front reception. 

Pola tooth whitening process

There are numerous steps to the Pola whitening procedure, all of which will vary depending on your smile goals and the current state of your teeth.

Upon your first visit, we will provide you with resources regarding the Pola Day whitening gel and how to get maximum results out of your treatment.

Initial Consultation for At-Home Teeth Whitening

We always begin the teeth whitening process with a general check-up appointment to asses your dental hygiene and oral health. During this appointment, we can analyse whether teeth whitening is a viable option for you. We consult with you on your ideal tooth shade and create a treatment plan to achieve the best possible result for you.

Preparation for At-Home Teeth Whitening

During the initial stages of the prep, we create moulds of your teeth to develop your custom whitening trays. When you return for your second visit, we check that these fit perfectly for your smile and give you your completed Pola Day kit.

These moulds must be fitted by a dental professional as if they’re ill-fitting the gel could potentially touch your gums, irritating. This is especially important if you’re predisposed to sensitive teeth and weakened tooth enamel.

Before applying the whitening gel to your teeth, you must brush and floss your teeth thoroughly. This removes any build-up of plaque, allowing the hydrogen peroxide gel to penetrate the stains easier.

Application of for At-Home Teeth Whitening

To apply the gel begin by squeezing a teardrop size of product into each impression in your bleaching trays. Ensure you don’t place too much gel in as this can cause an overflow onto your gums which can irritate.

Once you have filled each part of the tray, you can place them into your mouth to process.

Processing time for At-Home teeth whitening 

The Pola Day gel formula uses a 6% level of Hydrogen Peroxide as its active ingredient so it doesn’t need to be left in for very long.

We recommend patients use the whitening kit twice a day for 30 minutes, or once a day for 45 minutes.

As each individual receives a unique treatment plan, the period in which you’ll be using the whitening system will differ. The current state of your teeth, your ideal shade goals and your lifestyle will all be considered when shaping your treatment plan.

Once you’ve had the trays in for your allocated amount of time, be sure to cleanse them with cold water, wipe the excess from your teeth and brush your teeth thoroughly.

Pola Pola Day at-home Whitening in Essendon Melbourne

How long does Pola at-home whitening take?

The Pola Day whitening kit can take longer to achieve the same results achieved in just 45-minutes with in-chair teeth whitening. However, the lower levels of hydrogen peroxide are much more gentle on the teeth meaning patients very rarely experience sensitivity.

Initial improvement of tooth colour can be seen in a few days; however, patients usually won’t see the bulk of stain lifting until about two weeks into treatment. Again, this will differ for every patient and their uniquely prescribed treatment plan.

The longevity of this treatment will also depend on your lifestyle and the active choices you make to remove foods and drinks that are staining your teeth from your diet.

How to know if at-home teeth whitening is for you

If you’re experiencing tooth stains or discolouration and don’t wish to have in-chair whitening, then this at-home kit is an excellent solution for you. Patients who consume large amounts of coffee, red wine, spicy foods and cigarettes are much more prone to stains and discolouration. Individuals with these lifestyles, in particular, would get the most benefit out of teeth whitening treatments. Brightening ones smile can create a healthier, younger appearance and make you feel much more confident.

If you prefer the flexibility of being able to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home when and where you choose, then this is an excellent treatment for you. If you’re prone to tooth sensitivity, then this is a fantastic option for you to achieve excellent results with little to no irritation.

If you’re currently undergoing in-chair whitening, you might choose to invest in an at-home whitening system to extend the quality and longevity of your whitening.

While this is a slower process, it is an extremely gentle, convenient and cost-effective way of transforming your smile.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pola In-Chair Teeth Whitening

Do teeth whitening kits cause any dental problems/is it safe?

Pola at-home teeth whitening is one of the most gentle methods of whitening your teeth due to the low levels of hydrogen peroxide within the bleaching gel. Pola has been created to protect soft tissues in the mouth, nerve endings, teeth and gums while lifting stubborn stains from the tooth surface.

This whitening gel is neutral in pH levels and has high viscosity reducing sensitivity and ensuring comfort. Pola Day minimises plaque build up, enhances mineralisation and hydrates due to its antibacterial properties and high water content.

Side effects of this treatment are incredibly minimal. However, some patients may experience sensitivity for a few hours post-processing; however, this side effect is no cause for concern. Irritation is extremely rare and often subsides quickly.

How much should a teeth whitening procedure cost?

At-home teeth whitening is a more affordable alternative to in-chair whitening, making it more accessible for a lot of patients.

The cost of your specific treatment will be dependant on your unique prescription and the amount of time you’ve been recommended to use the bleaching gel. All of these costs will be discussed in your consultation appointment.

Because your dental health is our priority, we often require an oral hygiene appointment before undertaking whitening treatment. Any dental services required before undertaking whitening will be at an extra cost. To secure your brighter and whiter smile, a $200 deposit is required at time of booking.

Cosmetic treatments may not be claimable through your health insurance; please speak to your health fund to confirm.