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Teeth whitening in Melbourne at our Essendon dental clinic

Teeth whitening in Melbourne at FirstBite Dental in Essendon. We offer Zoom In-chair and Pola at-home teeth whitening options. Achieve that brighter smile today!

Most people want a whiter, brighter smile. Unfortunately no toothpaste by itself can guarantee a whiter smile as toothpaste only removes external stains. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our patients a safe, cost-effective way of getting a whiter smile in the shortest possible time.

The experienced and caring Melbourne dentists at our Essendon dental clinic help our patients achieve a whiter smile through a technique known as cosmetic teeth whitening.

Zoom in-chair teeth whitening Essendon Melbourne Pola at-home teeth whitening kits

When should you consider teeth whitening?

The following situations can receive a positive outcome from teeth whitening:

  • enamel stains or discolouration
  • trauma to baby teeth which has led to stained permanent teeth
  • previous staining due to some antibiotic medications
  • a general discoloured pattern in teeth.

Whitening can also be the next step before cosmetic treatment to provide a uniform appearance.

First, you come for an examination at our Essendon dental clinic to confirm there are no restoration problems (where a crown, bridge or implants may be needed). Our dentist will also make sure that whitening treatment is appropriate for you. Then we’ll examine your mouth, and take any necessary x-rays, to ensure sound dental health and overall oral hygiene.

How is teeth whitening done?

If you are after teeth whitening in Melbourne, you will find two methods. Both use hydrogen peroxide as the active bleaching ingredient to remove stains and discolouration.

At-home whitening kits, which require multiple applications of a low-strength gel, are an excellent option for patients prone to sensitivity. These treatments are a fantastic alternative to in-chair whitening treatments as they can conveniently occur in the comfort of your own home. These treatments are also very cost-effective. However, at-home treatments are a much slower means of achieving your ideal result of sparkling white teeth. 

The second option is professional in-chair whitening, which uses a much stronger whitening solution to lift your tooth shade significantly in just one 45 minute session. In-chair whitening is a speedy, safe and effective way to lighten your teeth in the care of a dental professional.

At-home teeth whitening

For those who are seeking at-home whitening, we recommend the Pola Day treatment system. Pola has a sufficient concentration of hydrogen peroxide, and a nourishing formula to protect teeth.

The whitening gel is applied to your teeth using a custom-fit plastic tray to protect your gums and concentrate the bleach on the tooth surface. Whitening results usually last a long time but will gradually fade; therefore, we typically recommend a 6 or 12 monthly ‘touch up’ treatment of 1–2 days duration.

In-chair teeth whitening

Some people want a faster result. For a rapid response, you can do an in-chair whitening which takes just 45 minutes in-clinic. We use the Zoom whitening system because it’s quick, effective and safe. 

This treatment can lift your smile up to 8 shades whiter and is an excellent option for patients who want to brighten their teeth for a special event. We recommend following up in-chair whitening treatment with an at-home whitening routine to extend the longevity of your results.

Next steps for whitening treatment

Before beginning any whitening treatment, we strongly recommend you come in to our Essendon dental clinic. One of our experienced staff members will provide a dental health and oral hygiene check-up, and will also be able to assess your eligibility for cosmetic teeth whitening. Therefore we will be able to create a suitable treatment plan for you. 

Please contact our knowledgeable and friendly reception staff to make an appointment to learn more in-person about the whitening treatments we offer at our Melbourne clinic, to see if you may be a candidate for a whiter smile.

FAQs About Teeth Whitening

In-chair teeth whitening or take-home teeth whitening?

Procedure time: 50 minutes
All new patients need a 15 minute consultation first. This to assess if a clean is needed, as whitening alone will not remove the stains
Patients also receive a whitening kit to take home and continue their at-home treatment.
How often should I whiten my teeth? After in-chair whitening, don’t whiten for a few days as teeth are already white. After a few days then whitening can be done again.

Procedure time: 10 minutes
How long do you leave the solution on for? No longer than an hour.
How long should I do my whitening for? People do vary – patients can take up to 2–6 weeks to get the shade they desire. Once you are happy with the brightness you can stop and resume every 2–3 weeks before an event. They will come up bright again!
How do I clean my retainers? Rinse them under cold water (not hot) or soak in vinegar.

How do I get rid of sensitivity caused by using Teeth Whitening gel?

We recommend Tooth Mousse to strengthen teeth and to reduce sensitivity. You can purchase Tooth Mousse from FirstBite.

What is tooth mousse?

Tooth mousse is a calcium-based product which helps with desensitising and provides extra protection for teeth. This product is used for patients who whiten their teeth and for those who need to strengthen their teeth.

Does teeth whitening cause any side effects?

The whitening gel we use at our Essendon clinic is a proven, safe and effective treatment. It doesn’t damage or weaken the enamel of teeth. Some patients may experience a temporary increase in teeth sensitivity, although the gel concentration we use makes this unlikely. If teeth sensitivity occurs, we suggest stopping the whitening process for 1–2 days to give your teeth a rest, then continue the process. To help with potential sensitivity, we send all patients home with a toothpaste with a special sensitive formulation to help soothe the teeth.

Gum irritation may also occur, especially if you have gingivitis and bleeding gums in the past. For this reason, we recommend a thorough tooth and gum cleaning before you begin the whitening process. Having a thorough tooth and gum clean also helps to remove any stains from your teeth, making the whitening more effective. 

Does whitening work for all teeth?

Whitening will change the colour of your teeth, but will not change the colour of your fillings. For this reason, after you’ve completed your Zoom whitening treatment, it may be necessary to replace some old fillings to better match the colour of your sparkling white teeth.

The teeth whitening results for some patients who have taken antibiotic medications that cause staining may not meet expectations. An alternative treatment procedure, such as porcelain veneers, may be required.

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