Dental Implants & Dentures in Essendon

Are you missing a tooth, multiple teeth or a full dental arch of teeth?

Missing a tooth or teeth can affect our appearance and functionality of our smile. The longer-term issues can affect your oral health and what you can eat.

At our Essendon dental clinic, we offer multiple implant options for you to consider. Our dental implants can help restore and bring the sparkle back into your smile.

Permanent long-term solutions are available. We will discuss all your options with you to help you make the most suitable choice for your own peace of mind.

Dental Implants

Dentists from our Essendon dental clinic can place dental implants to restore one or more teeth in your mouth. We place them into the gum and jawbone of your mouth, and offer a permanent fixed solution to enhance your smile and improve teeth function, with a high success rate.

Dental Implants may be suitable for you if:

  • You have natural teeth that are failing and rotten from cavities & decay
  • Your teeth are loose and there is active gum disease
  • You have multiple missing teeth in your mouth
  • You wear dentures that do not sit or fit correctly
  • You do not want to wear removable dentures.
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Dentures are a more cost-effective solution to replacing your missing teeth.

Also known as false teeth, dentures are removable prosthetic devices that are made to replace one or more missing teeth. These can be either partial or full dentures. The dentures we use today are not the same that you might remember your grandparent or parent popping in and out for a joke. Thanks to continuous improvement and development, dentures can be made out of many different materials.

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