Dental Insurances need to be used by End of Year.

You may be about to LOSE your INSURANCE BENEFITS. Most plans don’t allow you to carry over your unused benefit past December 31st.

So if for example you have $500 of benefit left in 2015 you need to have the work done in 2015.


Not doing it in time is like making a $500 donation to the insurance company.

Because so many of our patients realise this at the last minute, December can sometimes be almost impossible to book into. Rather than waiting until the last minute, we hope that this reminder will encourage you to call today to schedule your most convenient time.

Please check with your health fund that you are on a calendar year plan. Any questions then please call our reception.

This also applies to people who have Government schemes. You must use up the amount before the use by date otherwise you loose the amount of money.