Dental Insurance

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greedy Australian dental health insurance business man keeping all their clients money

Is private dental insurance worth it in Australia?

Caring for your dental health is crucial for your overall physical and emotional well-being. However, some dental procedures can be expensive, and many people may struggle to access the necessary care. Dental ... Read more

Dental Insurance

australian dental insurance health funds taking money from clients because they do not use it by the end of the year

You may be about to lose your dental insurance benefits 

As the 31st of December approaches, you may be about to LOSE your PRIVATE DENTAL INSURANCE BENEFITS because most policies reset. December is a busy month, so our remaining appointments are filling up quickly. ... Read more

Dental Insurance

Dental payment options: payment plans, insurance or bulk billing (CDBS) available at your Essendon Dentist in Melbourne

There’s more than one way to manage the cost of your dental health.

Many of us have had extra time on our hands in the past six months, with plenty of opportunities of what we want to do when the COVID lockdown is over.  If ... Read more

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Health funds make profits from you Choice says drop Extras Cover

Health funds make profits from you

Choice says drop Extras Cover! Choice spokesman, Tom Godfrey (Choice Magazine,16 March 2016), says its analysis of extras cover shows below average payout rates and savings of up to 45% available for ... Read more

Dental Insurance