Keeping a check on oral health

After years of fluoridation being effective at managing decay, the change in our diets and lifestyles is causing this new increase. But how does it all start? Let’s look at the history and aeitology of dental disease.

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Gum Lift: Patient Case Study

Many people have small looking teeth, or what is called a “gummy smile”. Little do they know that underneath all that gum are big, beautiful and shiny teeth.

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Mini implants

Mini implants are proving to be the way of the future. They are half the cost of traditional implants and can be used in a variety of circumstances.

To stabilise a denture that is loose. Lower full dentures always have this problem.

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CEREC crowns in a single visit

CEREC is an automated process that creates crowns and veneers in an efficient, accurate, and painless way, more effectively than other procedures that have come before it.

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Creating an oral health plan

The most important thing that you should have with your teeth is a plan.

This patient’s plan for many years, with another dentist, was to allow the teeth to deteriorate and then make dentures.

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