Full mouth rehabilitation

A full mouth rehabilitation is required when our entire set of teeth are completely worn done, damaged or missing. It can be a gradual process that eventuates from a lack of regular and proper oral hygiene, which leads to dental decay and gum disease, or it can be a result of misaligned jaws and many years of wear and tear from grinding of the teeth. For some it can be an unfortunate result of an accident.

Our mouths and jawline are important on many different levels. For survival, they allow us to eat and chew. For communication, they allow us to speak, and for aesthetics, they provide balance to our face, ensuring appropriate facial dimensions and providing proper cheek and lip support.

The aim of a full mouth reconstruction is to restore these functions to your mouth, as well as give you a good reason to smile. The procedure can take months, or even years and needs to be planned appropriately.

Firstly, multiple appointments are needed to map out the course of action. X-rays and molds of teeth are created, and treatment planning is done in conjunction with our dental technicians. Before commencing significant structural work, we want to ensure that oral hygiene is on track and the foundation we will be working with is a healthy one. The complete treatment plan can include a combination of orthodontics, dental implants, crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays.




firstbite-dental-implants-essendon-Worn-Dentition-AfterThe patient in the photos required a full mouth rehabilitation with 20 crowns and a bridge. Trial appointments were needed to assess the fit and colour and our technicians worked behind the scenes to create this long lasting smile. The original tooth lengths were restored, and a smile created to suit the patient’s facial dimensions. At the end, a night splint was created to protect his smile, which will be reviewed at his regular six monthly appointments with our hygienists. This patient can’t stop smiling now.

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