Shirley Temple wore Veneers: the origins of the Hollywood smile.

The first veneers were invented by Dr Charles Pincus in 1928 to temporarily change actors’ teeth purely for filming. They were adhered with very little adhesion and removed later. He created these perfected teeth as a means of providing actors with a more appealing on screen appearance that would boost their confidence.

Pincus was considered one of the greatest cosmetic dentists of his time, helping many Hollywood stars perfect their smiles such as; James Dean, Fanny Brice, Joan Crawford, Walt Disney and Shirley Temple. For this reason he became known as the “dentist of the stars”.

When child star Shirley Temple began losing her baby teeth, Dr Pincus designed some veneers for her. For a few years, she was never seen in public without her perfect ‘Hollywood smile’. Pincus utilised an acrylic material attached to the fronts of her existing teeth to craft this iconic golden age grin.

Early Dental Veneers Shirley Temple Hollywood Magazine December 1938 by Dr Pincus creator Hollywood Smile