CEREC crowns in a single visit

CEREC is an automated process that creates crowns and veneers in an efficient, accurate, and painless way, more effectively than other procedures that have come before it. Using 3D imaging and special software, the exact dimensions of a patient’s teeth are calculated and a digital scan of the required crown is created.


A high precision cutting and tooling machine then sculpts a tooth to create an exact replica of the scan. The crown is then ready for immediate application to the tooth. The whole process can be done in a single visit to the dentist, compared to almost a week using the traditional method.

Traditionally veneers and crowns required two time consuming dental visits. The first visit was to take a mould of the required crown and a second visit to apply it. In between that time a temporary filling may have been needed as well.

The new method removes the need for moulds, which is great relief for those patients who gag. As well it reduces the need for anaesthetics (numbing) to a single visit.

Research has also shown that a CEREC crown is just as strong and durable as a normal one. And the aesthetics are excellent. The traditional method is still used in certain cases, such as bridges.

This is one of the most exciting advancements in dentistry today and we at FirstBite have been using it since 2009.