Gummy Smile (or Gingival Smile)

Many people don’t realise how important the gums are to the appearance of their smile. Some patients have excessive amounts of gum tissue covering their teeth, resulting in a ‘gummy smile’ also called a ‘gingival smile’.

gum lift contouring gummy smile woman dentist Essendon dental clinic

Reasons for a gummy smile

  • The muscles around the lips are stronger than usual and hyperactive. This can pull the lips up high when you smile, showing more gum.
  • The upper jaw bone is longer and bigger than normal.
  • The upper lip can be disproportionate in size and reveal too much gum.
  • The teeth have naturally erupted further downwards, or the teeth have worn down over time, both of which will cause more gum to show.
  • There is naturally too much gum that has grown over the tooth, and there is a lot of tooth still hiding underneath the gum.

Treatment options for a gummy smile

The options are varied depending on the reason for the gummy smile, and some people have multiple factors that are involved.

  • Orthodontic treatment with braces and pin surgery to lift up the smile.
  • Gingivectomy or gum reshaping to remove excess gum.
  • Jaw surgery to reduce the amount of upper jaw bone showing.
  • Facial Injections to reduce the hyperactivity of the muscles of the lips.
  • Cosmetic treatment such as veneers to increase the length of worn down teeth.
More information about Gummy Smiles

If you’d like more details about the different types of gummy smiles and see some case studies of how we have treated them we have an additional News post called ‘Fixing a gummy smile can be easier than you think.

If you are more invested in just learning more about gum care in general visit our page on Periodontal Gum Care.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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