Here’s a snapshot of some of our happy dental implant clients before and after they had treatment.

*Please Note: These before and after pictures are an example of what can be achieved. Please speak to an appropriately qualified dental health practitioner, even if it is for a second opinion, for options and what results you can expect to achieve. Your own results and the length of treatment will vary depending on your existing dental condition and other factors which can change the complexity of any procedure.

Dental Implant Bridge

This patient had missing teeth and wanted to replace them with a more permanent option other than dentures. Two implants were placed and a bridge was made. This bridge is screwed into the implants, and is a permanent fixture.

Dental Implants and Crowns

Duration of Treatment: 3 months

A new life changing smile, created by a combination of Dental Implants, Crowns and Veneers. A smile analysis was initially performed with our dental technician. A 3D xray was taken and implant placement carefully planned, and the end result is what you see here.

Dental Implant on a Front Tooth

Duration of Treatment: 6 months

This patient had traumatically lost her front tooth. An implant was placed, and a temporary tooth was created in the interim. After a 6 month healing process, the porcelain crown was screwed into position. This is life changing for our patients.

Dental Implants

Duration of Treatment: 3 months

Being able to replace missing teeth, especially when it can be seen when we smile, changes the way we feel dramatically. The pictures below show how we filled the gaps, and recreated this patients smile by placing two dental implants. This enhances not only the way we chew, eat and smile, but dramatically changes the life and well being of our patients.

Orthodontics and Implants

Duration of Treatment: 12 months

This patient had lost some teeth in the back of his mouth, and over time, the teeth in the front started drifting backwards. It was decided that we were to put braces on and do some orthodontics. After straightening the teeth and recreating the space for the back teeth, 2 dental implants were placed and the results can be seen here.

Dental Implant Case Studies

Duration of Treatment: Approx. 2.5 years

Dental implants, periodontics and orthodontics photos

Loose teeth from gum and bone disease

This patient presented with very loose teeth as a result of gum and bone disease. Our approach required a very comprehensive treatment plan, which included periodontics, dental implants, porcelain crowns and teeth whitening.


Initially, several teeth were too diseased and had to be extracted. Following this, the patient was seen by our hygienists for about 6 months to get her bone and gums healthier. We also used laser treatment to assist with this healing process.

Orthodontics were applied to the upper teeth to get the upper smile as good as possible before a cosmetic gingivectomy to get the gum heights of the teeth correct. This is very important, as the teeth can never look good unless the height and positioning to the gums is even and correct.

Once the remaining teeth were healthy and the upper teeth were in the correct position, implants were used to replace all missing teeth, upper and lower. These had to heal for 4 months before the crowns could be placed over the implants.


Finally, we whitened the remaining teeth to get a nice white colour before making the crowns to match the permanent teeth.