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Bethal Primary School Oral Health session

The FirstBite Dental oral health education sessions are designed to teach young children good brushing and eating habits to help maintain a healthy smile and overall health. A tooth brushing kit is ... Read more

Lincolnville Kinder Dental Visit

Lincolnville Preschool, Keilor East 5 Devon Avenue, East Keilor, Victoria, Australia

The FirstBite Dental team will be visiting the kids at Lincolnville Kinder over 2 days to educate them on oral health care. They will learn about good brushing and eating habits and ... Read more

St. Christopher’s After School Care

We love teaching young children how to brush well and eat well with interactive activities. We talk about who the dentist is and what to expect on their first hygiene visit to ... Read more

Keilor Village Preschool Dental session

The FirstBite team are excited to visit Keilor Village Preschool to teach the kids about the importance of looking after their teeth. There will be interactive activities that will educate them on ... Read more

Greenvale Kinder Dental Visit

We use a variety of dental educational props to teach the youth how to improve their oral health. The presentations are fun and interactive and each child is given a dental kit ... Read more

Malcolm Creek Pre-School Talk

Malcom Creek Preschool, Craigieburn 87-91 Grand Blvd, Craigieburn, Victoria, Australia

Over 3 days, FirstBite Dental will be presenting a dental education talk to the children and educators at Malcolm Creek Preschool. They will be taught the importance of good oral hygiene, including ... Read more