Straight teeth without surgery

Not all patients need surgery to correct their orthodontic problem. There may be other options.

If you’ve decided to have orthodontic treatment, you’ll know what an important step you’re taking towards improving the look of your teeth. The benefits of orthodontic treatment go way beyond looks.

Crooked or crowded teeth may cause uneven wear of tooth surfaces or jaw problems that may lead to complications later in life. They can also be difficult to clean properly, which makes them prone to tooth decay and gum disease.

Practitioners have many options to consider for the treatment of your orthodontic issues. Surgery is one of those options, but not always necessary.  We often see patients for second opinions who have been advised to have surgical treatment, and we are able to provide a non-surgical solution.

Our dentists are at the forefront of technology and treatments as they travel the world learning and lecturing in the latest techniques.

There are many options open to you for the treatment of your orthodontic issues. If you wish to know the options available to you or your child then please call FirstBite Dental on 9379 1893 to a arrange a time for an orthodontic consultation.