Why do all dentists not charge the same amount?

This is a common question posed by consumers of dental services. Many people consider dental care to be a commodity, when it should be considered in terms of the actual service provided.

For example, I would consider products like televisions and cars to be commodities. There are certainly many different makes, models and options available, but you can at least compare the same make and model offered by two different stores or dealers. Some stores and dealers might provide superior customer service or financing options, but the product itself is the same.

The same cannot be said of dentistry or any other health-care service. There are huge variations in terms of technical skill, training, experience, technology, materials, philosophy and laboratory work. There are a tremendous number of details that go into making a crown or providing any other dental service, and these details (and the results) are never going to be identical from one dentist to another. That makes comparing crowns and the associated fees just about impossible!

Fees are generally based upon the costs associated with rendering treatment and the care, skill and judgment of the particular dentist. That having been said, it is very difficult for patients to assess the quality of care they are receiving. There are several basic guidelines that can be considered when evaluating a dental team, however. It is important that they ask questions about your medical and dental histories and spend time listening to and recording your responses. They should thoroughly examine your entire mouth and come up with a personalised treatment plan.

Most importantly, you should feel that your dentist and team are your dental advocates and that they really listen to you and want to help you stay healthy. Your objective should be to receive services at a good value (quality at a fair fee) than it is to receive an inexpensive service that might not stand the test of time. And at FirstBite Dental we source our technicians’ work in Australia, not overseas. This alone adds cost to our services, but at least we know the quality is what we want to put in your and our own mouths.

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