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Cosmetic (facial) injectables for TMJ dysfunction, migraines, facial pain and headaches in Melbourne

Patients come to our Essendon clinic specifically to receive cosmetic injectables (sometimes known as facial injectables). Our experienced dentists administer these injectables (containing the active ingredient of botulinum toxin) for a range of symptoms, mostly stemming from the condition known as TMD, or TMJ dysfunction.

Botox-dental-pain-management-melbourne26001758The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects the jawbone to the skull, and if it doesn’t function as it should, the patient can experience headaches, migraines, teeth grinding, jaw pain or facial pain. The patient may also live with a jaw that ‘clicks’ on occasion, and may have trouble eating, chewing, sleeping or breathing.

Some of our patients have consulted different medical specialists or allied health professionals to seek relief for their ongoing pain and discomfort. They come to us, however, and discover the pain and discomfort stem from a dental origin. It makes perfect sense – dentists have a more detailed knowledge of the structure and function of facial nerves and muscles than any other profession.

For nearly two decades, the Dental Board of Australia has allowed dentists to use facial injectables to treat TMJ dysfunction. At FirstBite Dental, we consult with the patient before treatment, and we perform a full dental examination. Often involving X-rays, our dentists use information gained during the initial consultation to determine the correct origin of the patient’s condition, and what treatment will be the most suitable to relieve the patient’s symptoms.

After the preliminary examination, our dentists can use – with discretion – facial injectables containing botulinum to relieve the painful symptoms many patients living with TMJ dysfunction experience. The active ingredient in the injectable helps to release muscles and in so doing reducing the pain caused by these chronically over-stretched muscles. After treatment, the patients report a vastly improved quality of life.

There is a widely-known term for the active ingredient used in facial or cosmetic injectables. However, the Commonwealth watchdog (AHPRA – Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) prohibits the use of this term in communications issued by medical or allied health professionals.

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