Cosmetic Dentistry Case Studies

Here is a snapshot of some of our happy clients from all over Melbourne and beyond after they got their smile back. Our treatments ranged from simple teeth whitening to dental implants and bridges.

*Please Note: These before and after pictures are an example of what can be achieved. Please speak to an appropriately qualified dental health practitioner, even if it is for a second opinion, for options and what results you can expect to achieve. Your own results and the length of treatment will vary depending on your existing dental condition and other factors which can change the complexity of any procedure.

Dental Implant Case Studies

Duration of Treatment: Approx. 2.5 years

Dental implants, periodontics and orthodontics photos

Loose teeth from gum and bone disease

This patient presented with very loose teeth as a result of gum and bone disease. Our approach required a very comprehensive treatment plan, which included periodontics, dental implants, porcelain crowns and teeth whitening.


Initially, several teeth were too diseased and had to be extracted. Following this, the patient was seen by our hygienists for about 6 months to get her bone and gums healthier. We also used laser treatment to assist with this healing process.

Orthodontics were applied to the upper teeth to get the upper smile as good as possible before a cosmetic gingivectomy to get the gum heights of the teeth correct. This is very important, as the teeth can never look good unless the height and positioning to the gums is even and correct.

Once the remaining teeth were healthy and the upper teeth were in the correct position, implants were used to replace all missing teeth, upper and lower. These had to heal for 4 months before the crowns could be placed over the implants.


Finally, we whitened the remaining teeth to get a nice white colour before making the crowns to match the permanent teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Duration of Treatment: 2 weeks

This patient had become quite unhappy with the appearance of her smile. We suggested porcelain veneers to quickly and easily fix the stained and crooked teeth.

Her visible teeth were covered with porcelain veneers to achieve the desired result. The work took just over 2 weeks and 2 visits to our Essendon dental practice in Melbourne. One sitting was to prepare the teeth and select a tooth colour, and the other was to fit the veneers. Sometimes the colour matching takes a couple of visits to get correct, but as all this patient’s visible teeth were covered with veneers, she only needed one.

She was smiling all the way home with the result.

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Dental Crowns

Duration of Treatment: 2 visits in 2 weeks

This patient’s teeth had discoloured as a result of multiple root canals in her front teeth. To restore her smile, we suggested the use of dental crowns to place over the discoloured teeth.

Four dental crowns were applied. The work was done in two sittings over a period of two weeks. One sitting was to prepare the teeth and colour match, and the other was to fit the crowns. Sometimes the colour matching takes a couple of visits to get correct, but in this instance it was fine the first time.

The patient now has a confident, beautiful smile without being self-conscious about her teeth.

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Cosmetic Gingivectomy

This is a procedure called cosmetic gingivectomy. This patient was conscious of having too much gum covering the teeth. There was nice tooth under the gum so we knew that we could remove some gum to expose more of the tooth.

The procedure involved removing the gum that is covering the teeth to expose more tooth, leaving the nice big smile. It takes about 60 minutes in the dental chair to perform. Pain normally isn’t a major issue with the procedure but some bruising can at times occur. Healing is really good after about 2 weeks. After about 4 weeks, healing is complete and a nice big smile is present.

This is a procedure that we perform regularly at our Essendon practice in Melbourne.

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Mini Dental Implants

Duration of Treatment: 2 visits

Before and after – Mini dental implants

Mini implants are a cheaper alternative to traditional implants. The difference between the two is the mini implant gives the appearance of a bridge with the tooth sitting on top of the gum, whereas a traditional implant gives a more realistic appearance of a tooth coming out of the gum. But as can be seen from the photos, the final job is very nice and a great improvement. In this case the two teeth that were still present had porcelain crowns placed on top of them to help blend them in with the mini dental implants.

Mini implants can normally be placed in the one visit and crowns placed 2 weeks later, as this is the time required for the laboratory to make the porcelain work. The end result is very realistic.

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