How facial injectables are used to treat TMJ dysfunction

Many patients living with TMJ dysfunction (TMD) report sore jaw muscles. Often because of bruxism (teeth grinding), the jaw and surrounding oral cavity muscles get over-worked. These muscles become overly toned, and as such people with muscular dysfunction issues often experience varying degrees of pain when talking, chewing and undertaking other jaw movements.

Applying facial injectables to muscles in the patient’s jaw and oral cavity is an excellent way to relax muscles and joints and, consequently, relieve pain. Our own Dr Agim Hymer has lectured on cosmetic injectables at The University of Melbourne, and other venues in Australia and overseas. He’s guided hundreds of dentists on how to apply effective facial injectable techniques to their own patients.

Facial pain migrain headaches caused by TMJ and treated with facial injecables by Melbourne dentist in Essendon