Laser dentistry: The new frontier

In the 28 years I have been practising dentistry, I have seen many advances in treatment. When I graduated, amalgams were the main material of choice, full clearances were a daily occurrence with immediate dentures, gloves had just come into use, protective eye wear was a choice, masks were never worn and dental records were kept on a small piece of cardboard. And the nurses used to warm themselves up in winter time by gathering around the water boilers that cleaned the instruments.

Bringing dentistry into the future is like being transported in time to some science fiction movie. This is what I love about the profession and what keeps me going with excitement.

FirstBite Dental now offers implants with bone grafting and sinus lifts, digital X-rays, 3D imagery, computer records, Ipads, digital photography, internet, email, CEREC, composite, 4th/5th/6th/7th generation bonding, and class B sterilisers with print outs.

Prevention with fluoride and tooth mousse has reduced the number of fillings we do. Hygienists and therapists have gladly taken on this aspect of dentistry so that our dentists can concentrate on more complex procedures and restorations. A recent case, involving a skeletal anchorage orthodontic procedure using implants to replace the missing teeth, is an example.

Kings and queens of many years ago strived to achieve the perfect smile. They would have the world’s best carvers use ivory to make teeth to attach their own. I believe that dentistry is actually where we wanted it to be all those years ago. Stem cell research is probably the next dimension in our fields.

Laser dentistry: the new frontier

I have never been one to buy equipment as soon as it comes out. I prefer to watch as others purchase and trial the equipment before deciding what to invest in.

For years I watched the laser users. I perused laser course guides and listened to the users discuss their results. Hearing only positive comments, I finally purchased one.

Now that I have one I cannot do without it. I still use my scalpel, but for fewer reasons. In our practice we now have 3 lasers, and I have become one of the major lecturers in Australia teaching dentists how to use the laser.

There are many uses for a laser, and as others have said, the longer you have one the more uses you will find for it. For more information on the numerous ways we use laser dentistry to augment and improve our dental procedures, see Laser Dentistry.

Patients truly and rightly believe that FirstBite Dental is more advanced, especially when they are having less trouble with difficult procedures. I am sure that as time progresses we will find more uses for laser dentistry, and our patients will only be happier. And that’s what we strive to achieve here at FirstBite Dental.

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