Oral cancer exam

At FirstBite Dental we have responded to the needs of our patients, by investing in a state-of-the-art VELscope© system which will help to detect oral cancer early, providing you with the highest degree of oral health care available.

A VELscope© screening is recommended every 12 months for all adults in conjunction with your regular hygiene check-ups. It takes only a few minutes, involves no pain or discomfort and is affordable.

Chances are, we won’t find anything that concerns us but if we do, the VELscope© will help us detect it early rather than late. This preventative service will be offered to you at your next hygiene visit.

We have prided ourselves on providing our patients the highest degree of oral health care and we are happy to now increase this level of care yet again to ensure your peace of mind.

Facts you need to know about oral cancer:

• Oral cancer has 3 times more victims than cervical cancer.

• The survival rate for oral cancer has not declined for the past 30 years.

• When discovered early, the survival rate is very high, however most cases are discovered in late, advanced stages where the survival rate is very low.

• Health experts recommend annual oral cancer screenings for all adults.


If you’ve noticed anything unusual at all, big or small, with your mouth, teeth, throat, lips or gum please feel open to discuss it with your friendly FirstBite dentist at your next appointment, don’t wait, make a booking today.

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