The wisdom tooth removal survival guide

First things first, make sure you have a movie streaming subscription and ice cream in the freezer. Then prepare to be reunited with the Tooth Fairy. 

How do I know if I’m going to get wisdom teeth? 

Your local FirstBite dentist can use X-rays to detect the presence of wisdom teeth before they erupt. 

Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed? 

Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. If you have a complete set of 4 that can function as teeth there is no need to remove them. 

If an impacted tooth is causing a problem we will need to also remove the opposing tooth. This is because teeth keep moving until they hit another tooth.  

When is the best age to remove wisdom teeth?

In many cases its best to remove wisdom teeth when the roots are two-thirds developed. As wisdom teeth can come through at any time between 17 and 25, it is important to see your dentist regularly so that you have up to date X-rays and they can advise you when is best. 

What pain relief will be used when I have my wisdom teeth removed?

In the majority of cases it can be done in the chair with local anaesthetics. We give a preliminary injection with a very fine needle to minimise discomfort. 

We also offer sleep dentistry in practise and can also do the procedure in hospital.

Will I be in a lot of pain after wisdom teeth removal?

The level of discomfort felt by a patient is an individual thing. Many of our patients report feeling very little pain at all. Following the procedure we will go through some instructions on how we can manage your pain. 

Will my face become swollen after having my wisdom teeth removed?

Yes, this will not be a good time for selfies. The swelling often is at its worst between 42 and 72 hours later and will be gone within a week. Keeping your head elevated and using ice will keep the swelling at a minimum.

How long before the bleeding stops after wisdom teeth removal?

Following the procedure, we will give you gauze to bite on. This will stop the bleeding within 15-30 minutes. 

What can I eat after I have my wisdom teeth removed?

For the first 24 hours, you will be limited to foods that don’t require chewing. Yogurt, smoothies and soups are high on the list and of course ice cream as it’s cold and helps alleviate swelling as well. Following that you can move onto soft foods like mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs and soft pasta. 

If you want to find out more about wisdom teeth, the symptoms of wisdom teeth problems and the process involved in their removal go to our dedicated page on Wisdom Teeth.