Welcome to Dr Dev Boparoy as a partner

I am very proud in what I have achieved with FirstBite Dental over the past 15 years and am now pleased to welcome Dr Dev Boparoy as a new practice partner. I am also taking this opportunity to reflect on how FirstBite Dental has grown in 15 years.

Melbourne dentist Dr Dev Boparoy becomes a partner at FirstBite Dental Essendon

Dr Eustace Jeffrey originally owned the practice. Dr Jeffrey purpose built the surgery around 1943, when the North Essendon area was predominantly farmland. After I purchased the practice in 1998, I did a mail out introducing myself to his patients. That mail out was to 750 families.

This current mail out is now going to over 5000 families of the practice, many of our original 750 families included!

Under my direction, the practice has had three renovations. The major one was five years ago and involved increasing the structure by three stories. At the time I thought that extension would see me to the end of my career. However, the latest renovation includes building an elevator for internal access to the next floor and the addition of two more dental surgeries.

Practice growth, high quality dentistry and excellent service only occur with dedicated staff. To ensure all of our policies and procedures are up to the highest possible standards, we have also initiated and implemented the process of Accreditation, which makes us leaders in the Australian dental community.

Dr Dev Boparoy joined the practice in 2009. In that time he has built up his expertise in many areas. He follows the same dedication, as all at FirstBite to maintain the highest standards. Jointly, we will continue to provide our community with services from General Family and Cosmetic Dentistry all the way to Implants and Orthodontics including Invisalign.

Partnering with Dr Boparoy has also allowed me to fulfil my passion for teaching and lecturing on topics such as Orthodontics, Surgery, and Lasers in Dentistry. This takes me across Australia and to international destinations such as Asia and Europe and the USA.