Dental information at your fingertips

In 2003 FirstBite Dental launched its first website. It was pretty basic compared to what we have now, but at the time we were the largest site in the world for dental related information – not even Colgate or Oral-B had a site as extensive and information rich as ours.

Our intention back then was to build a virtual library of dental information so that we could direct our patients to information online as well as provide a broader service to other people looking for similar information.march2015-image-webv2

Since then our site has been through a few makeovers but the most significant change happened just recently. FirstBite now has a fresh new look which is friendly to desktops, mobiles and tablets.

We aim to deliver a site that is rich with dental information, so that if you have a question or a dental related cause you will hopefully find answers.

It also lets our patients know what else is happening. Did you know that Dr Agim Hymer is an international senior lecturer at Dental Conferences around the world, or that our dental hygienists often attend local primary schools to provide information sessions on healthy teeth?

So if you are pregnant, have a missing tooth or just want to know more about brushing your teeth properly, visit us at to find a whole lot of information about healthy teeth. You can even book an appointment at our FirstBite Dental surgery in Essendon online, anytime.