Do you treat your car better than your teeth?

If you were given one car to drive, for the rest of your life…

What would it be? How would you treat it? Would you service it regularly? Check the oil? Always give it the right fuel? Treat it kindly?

So why would you treat your one set of teeth any differently?

So many of us treat our cars better than our teeth and gums. Car wash centres are booming, we service them regularly, top up our oil and water, and if we hear a dodgy noise, we’re straight down to the mechanics. Firstly we want to find out what the noise is, and secondly we want to avoid further costly damage to the car.

By contrast, when it comes to our teeth, we often neglect to give them the daily care and attention they need and we don’t get regular maintenance. We live with aches, pains, bad breath, teeth wear, overbites, underbites, gaps, and ‘niggles’ which can easily turn into major ‘mechanical’ issues without the right care.

For many people, their car is a source of pride and joy, and trouble-free driving. Yet we all know people who get out of their super shiny vehicles with less than shiny teeth that, frankly, will not last the distance. Think about it.

It doesn’t take much effort to keep your teeth for life. It can be as simple as a daily routine of brushing and flossing, with a regular dental ‘service’.

A visit every six months is enough to identify developing cavities or other niggles and repair them while they are still minor.

Unlike cars, there is no upgrade option for your teeth. The alternatives are second best. You should be thinking about keeping your teeth for life. Taking your vehicle to a mechanic is like taking your teeth to the dentist. Your dentist will assess and ‘maintain’ your teeth, iron out any issues and send you on your way. With care and attention you’ll be set for life.