Your teeth, your options, your choice

When you visit the dentist with a significant dental issue, you might be surprised to learn that there can be more than one way to fix it. 

As dental technology advances, more and more options become available to fix common problems. Braces are an example of which, not that long ago, metal options were the most viable. In contrast, there is now a range of invisible aligners to help you achieve the same outcome. 

Our practice takes pride in giving you treatment alternatives by keeping up to date with the latest technology. We do this by investing in new tools, equipment and training. We assure you that we will provide you with a range of choices, whenever possible, to help you achieve the desired result. 

Consider Mary and John, who both delayed visiting the dentist out of fear. Fear of what the dentist would say about their teeth, the possibility of losing their teeth and concern with the cost of fixing them. 

Many people don’t realise that when they visit us with a more complex dental issue, there are different treatment options available. Our first job is to assess and advise on your current and potential dental concerns, and the impact these will have if left untreated. Secondly, we will present you with a range of treatment alternatives, and you get to choose the treatment option which suits you. 

We also need to spend a lot of time with you. We have to take xrays. We have to work out all of your options and costs. We need to sit down with you and give you the possible scenarios. But in the end, you decide what you would like to do. We are all individuals with different needs and wants. 

And you always have the choice to seek a second opinion. At FirstBite Dental we are happy to give you all of your records as you seek a second opinion so that you don’t have to pay for them again. In the end, it is you that has to make the decision based on the information we have presented to you. Of course, we will not do anything detrimental to your dental health even if you ask for it, that includes a new set of grillz. 

Dental options giving patients choice about their teeth Essendon Dentist Melbourne

Examples of dental and orthodontic options

Below are examples of the treatment options available for different dental issues: 

1. Someone comes in with a toothache.

Toothaches are generally due to the nerve of the tooth being destroyed or damaged.

  • Extract the tooth and do nothing else,
  • Extract the tooth and review for left-over bone and bone grafting for a future implant, 
  • Bridge the area.

Each one of these scenarios has pros and cons and different costs. The cheapest being the extraction only option. 

2. Severe gum infection. 

  • Pull out the tooth,
  • Simple clean of the area, 
  • Local anesthetic and a deep laser clean. 

Gum infection could apply to one tooth or many teeth. Bad gum and bone infection also affect the rest of the mouth. 

3. Fractured and broken teeth plus gum infection. 

In this scenario, we have many patients who are seeking a quick fix with implants. But you can’t put implants into an infected mouth as they will become infected and fail. We also need to work out why the teeth have fractured as the implants can also crack if the problem remains untreated.

Some of the options include: 
  • Fix up the teeth and gums and bone that you have. Then consider how to replace the missing teeth with implants, dentures or bridges. Each one has complications, costs and success rate depending on the individual mouth,
  • Pull out the teeth and make dentures, 
  • Pull out the teeth and make dentures and then review for implants with possible grafting. 

4. You want straight teeth.



Fixing your dental issues is not an easy topic. These different scenarios are just the tip of the iceberg as to what we can do at FirstBite Dental. Our dentists do lots of continuing education and lecture around the world teaching dentistry to other dentists.

In keeping up to date with the latest technology, we can offer you a range of treatment options when you visit the dentist, not just a single way forward. 

Once you decide which treatment option is right for you, we also offer a range of payment options to help you achieve your dental goals.