Fixing a gummy smile can be easier than you think

Are you happy with your smile?

We’ve treated a few patients recently with very self-conscious smiles due to the amount of gumline that was visible when they smiled or laughed. Gummy smile, or gingival smile affects both men and women, and it can have a profound impact on someone’s life when they are very self conscious of this natural behaviour.

If you cover your mouth, or try to keep your lips closed when smiling it can be a big distraction from just being able to enjoy the moment. But, there are options available to correct gummy smiles, and contrary to belief, it doesn’t have to involve expensive orthodontic surgery.

We provide several alternatives that can be instantaneous or require longer corrective work. What’s important is that we will give you options. Here are three examples of how we helped clients with their gummy smile:

Case 1 – Too much gum

Gummy Smile Case -1

This is a developmental issue in which the gum line has grown over the tooth further than normal. The teeth are simply covered by too much gum. Beneath the gum are healthy teeth that are concealed. We can reveal these teeth by carefully removing the excess gum with surgery.

The process is completed in the dental chair in a sitting and healing takes about 4 weeks.

After years of being conscious about her gummy smile, this client was able to have it corrected in a very short timeframe.

Case 2 – Upper jaw is too low

Gummy Smile Case -2

This is the most complex of the scenarios, as it involves orthodontic corrective treatment which can take up to 2 years.

The upper teeth and jawline are absorbed back into the skeletal structure with the use of orthodontic pins that are gradually tightened and effectively lift the jawline.

It sounds complex, but is a relatively simple and highly effective process. Just as braces shift the teeth and jawline, this is the same process applied in a different way.

Case 3 – Hypermobility of upper lip

Gummy Smile Case -3

This client’s upper lip receded when she smiled and exposed a large amount of gumline.

After presenting her with all the options, she selected to have an immediate remedy of facial injectibles to restrict the movement of the upper lip.

In this case, there was no surgery required as the client simply tops up her facial injections every 4 months and is happy with that outcome.

Our patients are relieved to find a solution that does not involve breaking the jaw, or breaking the bank. Some of them have come to us for second opinions and are relieved to hear the alternatives.

It’s important that you know there are options so you can make an educated decision about what is best for you. Book in for your gingival smile assessment today at your trusted Essendon dentist.

If you would like to read more about gummy smiles (gingival smiles) we have a whole page dedicated to the subject in our Cosmetic Dentistry section called Gummy Smiles.

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