Having a say in your dental treatment plan

When this patient first visited our practice, he presented with no upper teeth and was very keen to get rid of his denture. He also had missing lower teeth, and his solution was to replace everything with implants.

There’s no doubt that he had some significant issues, but there were quite a few options to restore his bite and his smile. At one extreme we could have removed all of his top and bottom teeth and replaced them with either removable or fixed implant-supported teeth; however, we also try to maintain a patient’s real teeth if possible, so the option to repair and restore the lower teeth was also presented. 

The final plan included: 

  1. Replacing the missing teeth on the bottom with implants and fixing all of the surrounding teeth.
  2. Replacing the denture on the top teeth with fixed implant-supported teeth. Effectively, permanently securing the top teeth so that they are no longer removable.

In this instance, the patient was involved in choosing the final treatment. With an outline of the various costs and our professional advice, he was able to select the treatment that suited him.

It matters to us that you know what treatment options are available so that you can make an informed decision about your dental health. 

smile makeover options Melbourne dental implants implant-supported dentures before
smile makeover options Melbourne dental implants implant-supported dentures after