We are currently operating at Level 1 restrictions

We are still open, and now it is business as usual. Please give us a call and speak to our front office staff if you have any questions. 

Dentists have been eased to Level 1 restrictions at this final stage of the second Victorian COVID-19 lockdown. 

We returned to Level 1 restrictions as per the advice of the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee on Monday 28th September 2020. 

We can basically do everything. The primary reason for dentists being at this lower level to the rest of society is because dentistry has the highest level of hygiene. We always have. And we always will.

FirstBite Dental also have QIP: Private Dental Practice Accreditation. We did this accreditation process when it was first introduced years ago, and we continue to maintain the registration. We always strive for excellence. 

“Accredited dental practices establish a competitive advantage over non-accredited dental practices by promoting the quality and safety of services to patients and the local community.” 

QIP: Dental Practices – Private Accreditation

Dental services during Level 1 restrictions

All dental treatments using standard precautions for people who do not meet epidemiological or clinical risk factors for COVID-19 infection transmission.

Dental appointments during Level 1 restrictions

If you have an appointment booked with us in the coming weeks, we will call you to confirm the appointment time, or to reschedule.

If you are concerned about travelling to your appointment during the lockdown, rest assured that dental services are considered an ‘essential service’, and we can provide you with confirmation of your appointment.

Our front desk will be available to take enquiries regarding your dental concerns.