Christmas and New Year Opening Hours 2015

FirstBite Dental will be open over the Christmas period on the days that are not public holidays.

We will be open to see our normal patients and Emergency patients as well.

Please call the practice for accurate hours of opening times.

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Dental Insurances need to be used by End of Year.

You may be about to LOSE your INSURANCE BENEFITS. Most plans don’t allow you to carry over your unused benefit past December 31st.

So if for example you have $500 of benefit left in 2015 you need to have the work done in 2015.

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Facts about Oral Cancer

Did you know that 25% of people who have oral cancer are NOT smokers? Oral viruses are now being blamed for these lesions.
Oral cancers most commonly involve the lips and tongue.

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Infection Control

At FirstBite, we invite you to have a tour of our infection control procedures and sterilising area.

We are proud of our state of the art infection control procedures.

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