Have your teeth got that furry feeling?

We are all familiar with the furry feeling that our teeth get when we forget to brush. What you may not be aware of is the impact that this furry coat can have.

If your teeth are not cleaned, a film of bacteria grows.

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Diabetes and oral health

Diabetes is a disease that results in too much glucose in the blood because the body either does not produce a hormone which is used to regulate the amount of glucose in the blood, or uses it inefficiently.

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Diagnodent finds hidden cavities

Many of our readers may already be familiar with the new Diagnodent tool in our rooms. It has become a part of every check-up as a means of detecting future dental concerns.

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Do you treat your car better than your teeth?

If you were given one car to drive, for the rest of your life…

What would it be? How would you treat it? Would you service it regularly? Check the oil? Always give it the right fuel? Treat it kindly?

So why would you treat your one set o…

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